Kristina Arzhanova

Marketing Expert
PhD in Psychology
Associate Professor
I teach people marketing and business promotion
Regarding the company: building a strong brand, its identity, and defining marketing communication strategies
Regarding personal branding: creating an image, promoting oneself in the media space
As a result: increased efficiency, higher loyalty, reputation formation
During teaching career
who successfully work in the field of marketing or have their own business
trained more than 6,000 people
About me
  • Worked in a number of commercial and government organizations in the positions of head of the press service, head of PR areas
  • From 2019-2020, she taught at Peoples' Friendship University of  Russia
  • Acted as a speaker at international and All-Russian conferences
  • I'm currently working as an associate professor at State University of Management
Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Associate Professor, marketing expert, researcher
My publications
The author of more than 14 books, monographs, and manuals. More information can be found on Litres.
Author of more than 17 publications – articles, REEds, educational materials
YouTube channel
On the YouTube channel, I post marketing, education news, lectures, workshops, and much more. Subscribe and stay tuned!
Маркетинг, образование, бизнес
Anna Anokhina
The teaching experience shared by Kristina Alexandrovna significantly expanded my capabilities and gave an impetus to the formation of a professional trajectory.
PR-manager in Redline PR
The practical experience shared by the Kristina Alexandrovna allowed me to realize myself in the communications. Interesting classes, master classes – all this creates opportunities for career growth.
SMM/project manager at a creative digital agency Family
Дзарасова Дарья
During my studies under Kristina Alexandrovna, I gained profound expertise in marketing, advertising, and public relations. She is an educator who possesses deep knowledge in contemporary communications.
Event Manager in Smartway
Margarita Dubenskaya
Отзывы моих студентов
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